Hugsie BABY Silent Kangaroo Swaddle For Baby 0-4 months (3-6.85kg) Grey -靜音袋鼠包巾【灰色】


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  • Silent Pouch Swaddle, unlike traditional swaddles, thoughtfully incorporates silent Velcro, which minimizes the risk of waking a sleeping baby and reduces the exposure to light, simulating the womb environment. This, in turn, helps decrease the baby's startle reflex, allowing for a more peaceful sleep. 
  • Kangaroo dual-pocket patent, unrestricted use
    The smaller inner pocket provides better coverage for newborns, simulating the snug environment of the mother's womb, enhancing the baby's sense of security. As the baby grows, the usage can be adjusted accordingly.
  •  Ultra-silent Velcro for undisturbed sleep
    Babies have shorter deep sleep periods compared to adults, requiring attention to external disturbances. Unlike traditional Velcro, HugsieBABY uses ultra-silent Velcro to prevent disturbing the baby. The silent Velcro is designed to adjust the tightness of the swaddle without startling the baby.
  • Added zipper at the bottom for easy diaper changes
    Babies need frequent diaper changes, so the added zipper design at the bottom not only significantly enhances convenience for diaper changes but also eliminates the need to completely remove the entire swaddle.
  • Widened leg design to facilitate hip joint development
    Babies are in their most delicate stage, with many parts of their bodies being very soft. Swaddling can sometimes compress the baby's hip joints, hindering development. HugsieBABY widens the lower part of the swaddle, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, promoting healthy hip joint development in babies.

Age Range: 0~4 months

Weight Range: 3~6.85kg




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