Hugsie BABY Butterfly 2 -Way Swaddle For Baby 0~6 months (3 - 9.5 kg) -Grey 成長蝶型包巾【灰色】


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  • Butterfly Swaddle, designed with raised sleeves to accommodate baby sleep habits, allows babies to engage in small movements for self-soothing and emotional stability. Providing a cocoon-like space satisfies the need for security, resulting in a more peaceful sleep.
  • Butterfly design for self-soothing and secure sleep
    Catering to baby sleep habits, the raised-sleeve design promotes relaxation and prevents the baby from being startled. Babies can gently touch their own faces for self-soothing.
  • Dual-use cuffs for quick changes and stretching
    Babies can stretch their arms during daytime activities, promoting flexibility. The cuffs also facilitate self-soothing and routine training during nighttime sleep.
  • Two-way zipper for effortless diaper changes
    With the need for frequent diaper changes, the two-way zipper design significantly enhances convenience without the need to completely remove the swaddle. The zipper is equipped with an anti-scratch feature.
  • Easy operation, easily done with a single pull
    Even new parents can learn in seconds, eliminating the hassle of traditional swaddling procedures.
  • Widened hem for hip joint development
    As babies are in their most delicate stage, with many parts of their bodies being very soft, swaddling can sometimes compress the baby's hip joints, hindering development. HugsieBABY widens the lower part of the swaddle, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, promoting healthy hip joint development in babies.

Age Range:

  • Inside the sleeve pocket is suitable for 0-3 months.
  • After opening the sleeves, it is suitable for 0-6 months.

Weight Range:

  • 0-3 months (3~6.85 kg)
  • 0~6 months (3~9.5 kg)


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