Uyeki Dryning Hand Wash Detergent Liquid 500ml for Dry-Clean only Clothes (干洗剂)



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"Dryning", Household hand wash laundry detergents for Dry Clean Only Garments


Typical Dry-Cleaning is called "dry" ,because it does not use water but solvent instead to wash delicate clothes (wool or cashmere for example) that could be damaged or transformed or shrink when washed in water. With this very reason,  typical Dry Cleaning is not good at removing water soluble stains as removing oil based stain. You might have experienced that your dry cleaned garments smelled perspiration because perspiration is one of water soluble stains that cannot be handled properly by dry cleaning.

UYEKI's Dryning solves this problem. Dryning, containing Orange Oil and biodegradable surfactant made of natural products, can remove both water soluble stains and oil based stains at the same time, namely grease base stains by Orange Oil, and water-soluble stains by natural surfactant. Just take a spoonful of Dryning, dissolve it by water, soak your garments neatly for 10-15 minutes, spin dry them, and rinse and spin dry again and finish. The cost of washing is extremely low compared to dry cleaning service (less than 20 cents per a pair of trousers when washed in 30L water).

Unlike dry cleaning, that uses chemical solvent, mostly Perchloroethylene or PERC, which is considered toxic and carcinogenic, Dryning is safe and human-friendly & eco-friendly products, and removes both oil and water based stains, thus most recommended. (Refer to the info for the shortcoming of dry cleaning and toxicity of the solvent.)





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