NEPIA Hana Celeb Pocket Lotion Facial Tissue 1 Pack (24 Sheets) 鼻貴族

12 double-layer sheets


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In spring and summer,  many people start to suffer from that ever so familiar sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny noses. That's right, it's hay fever season once again, the so-called “national sickness” plaguing Japan. It's the tough time of the year, especially for us women. Our noses itch, yet we can't blow our noses without removing our makeup and turning into Rudolph the Red-Nosed allergy-sufferer. Furthermore, if we wear masks to help our allergies, they irritate our skin.. In such times of such need, don’t fear!  Oji Nepia's Hana Celeb is here! 

These tissues have fans all year-round, not just during the hay fever season. Even the beauty industry is taking notice of these gems. Despite new, unique projects launching all year long, you might be surprised at the ever-increasing popularity of these tissues. In this installment of @cosme NIPPON PROJECT, we will focus on Nepia's popular Hana Celeb tissues.

# 1 In Japan  日本王子妮飘鼻贵族  



Taking a look at the latest review rankings on @cosme, Nepia's Hana Celeb tissues have claimed the number one spot in the “Mask/Tissue” category. Unlike cosmetics, products like tissues or face masks generally have much lesser reviews and yet, Hana Celeb tissues have more than 1,500 reviews on @cosme. Being miles ahead of other tissues, they have a decisive lead in terms of brand recognition. 

What’s even more worth mentioning is its review star ratings. As of December 25, 2017, 418 users had given them a perfect rating of 7 stars. If you take a look at all of the reviews, you can see that people have left countless unique comments. Let's take a look at some of them.

Below are the top keywords that come up when people review Hana Celeb
-Gentle on the skin
-Doesn't hurt my nose
-Doesn't make my skin red

Many comments also mention one of the best things about Hana Celeb tissues: 
They don't hurt or turn your nose red, no matter how often you blow your nose. 

It turns out that makeup and cosmetics aren't the only products on @cosme which are gentle and comfortable enough to appeal to the senses. Other than hay fever or catching a cold, Hana Celeb tissues are a lifesaver for users dealing with chronic rhinitis or house dust allergies. 

“Me: I have hay fever + dust allergy + house mite allergy. With most tissue brands, blowing my nose all day leaves the area under my nose chapped and red, and the area even starts to bleed sometimes... However, this problem ended since I started to use Hana Celeb . Once, I ran out of my Hana Celeb tissues and had to settle for some generic ones. After using them for 2 to 3 times, the skin around my nose turned red like some kind of warning signal. I simply can't survive without these!” (阿香弥) 

“This is the first time I've been impressed by a tissue. They were that good! My skin is super sensitive to irritation. Even rubbing my nose a little causes my skin to turn bright red. But using Hana Celeb is totally fine. It doesn't hurt; it doesn't make my skin flake or peel; and I'm fine no matter how much I blow my nose! “ (*佐倉*♪) 

“This is the only kind I can use during hay fever season. There are a lot of moisturizing tissues out there, but these are the most moisturizing for me, and they don't cause the skin around my nose to turn red or dry. Whenever I find Hana Celeb in the store, I buy tons of them. During hay fever season, I also use Hana Celebpocket tissues.” (★カピバラ★)


One common comment about these tissues is regarding their comfort on the skin. Lots of reviewers commented positively about their softness and moisturizing quality. 
“It's a tissue, yet it's more than that.” 

“When I catch a cold, it is usually long-lasting, which means I'm pretty picky about which tissues I use to blow my nose. Since the texture is soft and smooth, almost pillowy, I can blow my nose as much as I want without my skin getting dry or irritated. They're really comfortable. It's definitely important to use the right kind of tissue for the right situation.” (愛漣ですぞ!)

“They're expensive, but nothing else can compare! I really recommend them for people who get a runny nose from allergies and/or have problems with rashes or irritation. Normal tissues won't cut it after you've used these. They're really very moisturizing.” (anash)

“In my home, these are the only option. The first time I used them, I was blown away by how they felt. I've been using them ever since. They have this hydrating feeling that's so nice. Once you get used to them, regular tissues will just feel hard and scratchy.” (BaroqueNail)


Hana Celeb has taken its tissue game beyond just blowing your nose. It turns out that Hana Celeb is essential to keep your skin looking its best. 

“When I catch a cold or have allergies, most tissues make my nose feel dry and painful, like it’s going to fall off. My skin even starts peeling. It's the worst. When I use Hana Celeb, I can keep things under control even when the hay fever season is at its peak. Also, I love the crossovers with Rilakkuma and the zoo animal ones.” (ここあぷりん)

“I picked these up hoping they would be able to reduce my skin's irritation, even a little. I also wanted to use them to remove makeup. I'd heard that these were on a totally different level of softness compared to most tissues, but I didn't know they were THAT different. When I actually used them, they were surprisingly gentle on my skin! If I had known they were that much better, I would have bought them way earlier.” (*akira*)

“This is a must-have when I'm down with a cold. I can't even blow my nose with other tissues anymore. Seriously, if the skin around my nose is dry and sensitive, using these is enough to calm things down. It's pretty embarrassing to walk around with a dry, red nose like a little kid, right?” (sakura-sun)

“Best tissues. I mean, they're expensive. But they're a total must. I've got chronic rhinitis, so the skin around my nose turns red a lot. For someone like me, non-irritating tissues help me avoid that problem. Now, I don't have to re-do my makeup as often, and I don't need to use concealer to hide the redness around my nose. These are super gentle on the skin, so I also use them with my wipe-off makeup cleanser.” 

“Wiping my face clean, using it for DIY sheet masks, during allergy season...whatever I need a tissue for, it's got to be these. They absorb so much liquid that they're perfect for a DIY sheet mask, and when I used them to wipe my face, they don't feel scratchy or harsh. They're so soft that I find myself nuzzling into them without thinking. They're a little expensive, so I never use them on anything but my skin.” 

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