Hugsie BABY Breathable Blanket (88x125cm) -Cream Beige 氧化鋅抗菌透透毯 【淺焙棕】

抗菌性 x 透氣性 x 親膚性


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  • Gentle Knitted Breathable Technique: Unlike traditional breathable blankets on the market with larger holes that can compromise the softness against the skin, HugsieBABY utilizes a knitted breathable weaving method. Through knitting, the blanket's breathability is enhanced, providing year-round comfort and portability. It retains the desired soft and skin-friendly touch for infants, ensuring breathability, lightness, and ease of carrying.
  • Enhanced tactile experience, skin-friendly softness: Developed through multiple ratio tests, we have selected rayon fibers for a softer and smoother touch.
  • Soothing Dot Design: Featuring an exclusive diagonal dot pattern, babies can touch the dots for a soothing effect. This stimulates sensory development, promotes emotional calmness, and facilitates faster sleep.
  • Rayon Material: Possessing excellent moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbing properties, rayon combines the comfort and breathability of cotton with the luster of silk. "Rayon" actively absorbs moisture and heat, making it especially suitable for Taiwan's humid and hot climate. Infants have a faster metabolism and higher body temperature, so the combination of rayon and pure cotton enhances softness, facilitates rapid heat dissipation, and ensures a comfortable and restful sleep.
  • German smartcelTM Zinc Oxide Antibacterial Fiber: Utilizing medical-grade antibacterial materials suitable for infants, it effectively resists more than 96% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • German smartcelTM Zinc Oxide: Employing German smartcelTM medical-grade four-stage zinc oxide, it complies with international medical standards specified in DAB10. With powerful antibacterial properties, it effectively resists Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, making it suitable for medical applications such as surgical gowns, professional medical clothing, and hospital bed sheets. Note: It provides "effective resistance, reducing the probability of infection," rather than complete resistance.

**Zinc Oxide Raw Material Functions:

  • Antibacterial and deodorizing properties, improving eczema and sensitive skin conditions.
  • Interrupts bacterial metabolism, preventing bacterial growth and inhibiting odors.
  • Anti-allergenic and antibacterial effects, improving eczema and sensitive skin conditions, commonly used in the fabric of delicate baby clothes.

Usage Purposes:

  • Stroller Blanket:Designed for covering and keeping your baby warm while in the stroller.
  • Car Seat Blanket:Intended for draping over a car seat to provide warmth and comfort during travels.
  • Air-Conditioned Room Blanket:Ideal for use in air-conditioned environments to keep your baby cozy and comfortable.
  • Soothing Blanket:The soothing dot design and soft texture make it suitable for comforting and calming your baby.
  • Nursing Cover:Can be used as a cover while breastfeeding, providing privacy and a comfortable environment for both mother and baby.

Age Range: Suitable for all ages, no restrictions


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