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MADE IN JAPAN ,The No 1 Selling Water Containing Health Product at Amazon Japan:
Like almost all other countries, the Australian summer gets hotter and hotter year by year.  A lot of babies can not sleep well at night in summer due to the hot weather.
Chu Chu baby water pillow can get this problem solved very easily, your baby will like his new pillow . Thanks to its unique design, Chu Chu Water Pillow contours very well to the shape of a baby's head, it is as big as a baby's normal pillow.  It can hold up to 2 liters of cold water, so baby feels very comfortable and stable sleeping on it in summer.
It also has an air barrier betweem the water and baby's shoulder, so your baby's shoulder will not get cold when he sleeps on the water pillow.
If your baby has a fever, you can take some measures to cool down his body before using PAMOL on him. Chu Chu Water Pillow is very helpful for your baby to battle against high body temperature.
You can also use some cold wipes or towels on your baby's forehead while he sleeps on water pillow.  Wearing Chu Chu Armpit Cooling Pad is another thing you can do when your baby has a fever. It can effectively cool down baby's armpit temperature which is another hottest part on his body.
With Chu Chu Baby Water Pillow, you will find your baby will enjoy a much better sleep at every summer night.
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